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“When Matthew Tobin was a young child, he said he was taught to be a man for others. The Wauwatosa native went to St. Bernard Catholic School and graduated from Marquette University High School.

“If you’re not in some part of your life living for others, you’re not living a full life,” he said. One way he tries to live by this philosophy is by being the executive director of the HartFest board. HartFest is an annual charity festival located in the heart of Tosa, at Hart Park.

“It’s not like a lot of these charity events where you have to get dressed up and donate a lot of money for very little,” he said. “We’re giving you a great concert in the middle of Wauwatosa for free and just ask that you come down and support the local community.”

Hartfest has its roots dating back to when Michael and Mary Tobin, Matthew Tobin’s parents, started a community softball tournament about 30 years ago, Matthew Tobin said. About five years later, Chris Leffler of Leff’s Lucky Town turned the tournament into a music festival to promote local businesses and charities.

Tobin became the executive director about five years ago. He’s a labor and employment attorney at Walcheske & Luzi, LLC. He graduated from Marquette University and Marquette University Law School.

“My heart stayed in Wauwatosa,” he said. He said Tosa feels like a community instead of just a city. “It’s the attitude of the community, which is very giving, open and generous,” he said.

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